All Our Wonder, Unavenged is a pairing of two video works: one titled Campfire, which responds to Fermi’s Paradox with an abundant presentation of worlds; the other, Anyder, is a fantastical representation of an alien civilization ansible screen as it explores life among the stars.

Together, the presentation of these two video works seek to draw attention to humanity’s beginning steps of space colonization by billionaires and governments who perpetuate colonialist attitudes. As progressive and optimistic science fiction is published, the idea that space travel is for the select few who can participate in the structures of capitalism also persists. For many artists, thinkers and dreamers who will not be able to travel to space, they carry their wonder, unavenged, close to their chests, and build worlds on canvas, in cyberspace—wherever it can exist, as forms of resistance.

This exhibition is an ode to world-builders and is meant to inspire wonder and awe as a portal to contemplate deeper thinking on structures of inequality. It is also a decision to believe in all kinds of life on other worlds despite the silence of the universe. It is an offering of hope.