As an artist-led space, we believe that artists know what is best for their work. YYZ Artists’ Outlet is proud to offer open calls for submissions from any artists looking to show their work. We encourage artists in all phases of their career to consider exhibiting with YYZ Artists’ Outlet. No experience is required. All kinds of art from every stage of a practice is encouraged.

The act of curating and exhibiting artistic work is fraught—there’s often an impulse to condense history, rather than give space to its sprawling nature. YYZ aims to be complex and extensive—to embrace the contradictions rather than inhibit them.

YYZ Artists’ Outlet provides an open forum for the presentation of local, national and international contemporary artist-initiated exhibitions and activities in all media. YYZ maintains a multipurpose venue that accommodates solo and group exhibitions, screenings, lectures, performances, sculpture and installations, with a typical exhibition running approximately twelve weeks.


Ana Barajas, Director
Tel: 416-598-4546
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Allan Kosmajac & David Salazar