Haley Uyeda presents a new series of paintings that furthers her cut-canvas and gel medium techniques, offering a grouping of works that suggests the calm and haze of a misty spring morning. Alongside her paintings, the artist presents a series of photographs and collage that put her paintings to work, using the structure of the painting as a form of tool or prop to explore their potential beyond the space of the gallery and studio. The cuts in the canvas become windows through which an interplay of light and shadow create a field of vision that can be narrowed, focused and re-framed. As Daniella Sanader writes of Uyeda’s work: “I start to imagine each canvas as its own filter, aperture, pupil, lens. Each with its own logic of sight, its own capacity to recalibrate. Taking in an unfamiliar view.”

Documentation by: Yuula Benivolzki