The climate crisis is overwhelming—the problem is so huge that we struggle to understand its effects and outcomes on everyone in every place in the world.

With a nod to Oscar Wilde, while thinking about the climate crisis, deep ecology, reflection, and all I don’t know tangled up with all that I imagine, a love of nature, and a sprinkle of hope, Weather Report is a pictorial cycle on the gallery walls that explores how humans are destroying the living world in a gothic landscape where plants that once flourished progressively fade or thrive depending on how you move through the room. It is neither a hopeful future nor a catastrophic one. Scale is challenged; with plant forms reaching 12 feet high, we are tiny in this landscape. Mirrored mylar reflects the viewer but also implicates us in this ecosystem as it grows and falls apart, and yet will our mark be visible in ten million years? The installation is Monet’s garden for a changing world (eco-system). The series of hand-cut vinyl pieces reflect the struggle for survival all over our planet today and the beauty and wonder in it.