Witching Hour will materialize insomnia, symptomatic of nocturnal hormone fluctuations in menopausal bodies. Through an alchemic set of domestic hacks and arrangements, the installation will replicate the specific embodiment of this insomnia: burning feet, hot flushes, sweat, restless legs, crawling skin, circling thoughts, depression and anxiety. Using light and dark as primary materials, elements of the exhibition will be highlighted and revealed through rotating, dawn-like lighting and pervasive shards of light inspired by curtain cracks.

Heidi Holmes’ practice begins with symptoms that develop within a body and then exist outside the body as material. These symptom-materials form site- specific installations encompassing reconstruction, sculpture, and atmosphere and reference domestic decoration, medicine, bodily functions, ageing and feminist theory. Currently, the symptom-materials in these works reflect the conditions of menopause, inclusive of post-menopause, perimenopause and hormone-withdrawal menopause. Formerly, these symptom-materials were determined by the annals of failed fertility and childlessness.

An online artist talk will accompany the exhibition during Witching Hour, 3-4 AM EST. Date to be confirmed.

Paper-making production courtesy of Paperhouse Studio.