The Stone in the Snowball is based on Ximena Berecocha’s reading of the novel Fifth Business (1970) by Canadian writer Roberson Davies. This is a continuation of her interest in image and literary intersections by visually materializing her personal reading and interpretation of one of the most notable Canadian novels of the twentieth century. Through this work, Berecocha wants to acknowledge the cultural roots of this country from her diasporic perspective. As a Mexican-Canadian citizen, she delves in the concepts of recognition, assimilation, and interpretation, and she acknowledges and honours the cultural realm of the land that has become her new home. Besides the interest in the structure and the potential of language constantly depicted in her art-work, the use of two forms of expression, in this case, taking a literary work as the foundation for her installation, enables her to question the notions of delimitation and confinement. Berecocha’s hybrid art-work exemplifies—in a formal way—how fostering the exchange between two realms, may expand one’s horizons.

Project developed in partnership with Ava Animation & Visual Arts
Bookbinding: Martha Romero / Luis Enríquez